New Farm Swag!

I've wanted to get something to give my customers for a long time to say thank you for supporting their local farmer (me!). While I worked for the doctor and the bank, our vendors would hand out pens, notebooks, sticky pads, mugs, you name it with their company name on it. While all of those are nice, I really wanted something I felt my customers could USE, not just throw in a drawer.

As I was trying to decide, I had an eventful farmer's market day. For some reason, I'd forgotten all of my plastic bags at home and I was stressing about what would happen. Imagine my surprise when I realized most of them brought their own bag. Whew! I do have to say thanks to Jill, from Jolly Farms, for giving me a few bags for those who didn't bring a bag. 

That's when I realized my customers might appreciate a reusable grocery bag as a thank you. 

First, I had my talented friend, Alexa, design a graphic that turned out fantastic! (Thanks Alexa!) and then had our local screen printing shop put them together. (Check out The Main Event in Richmond if you need something, they're the nicest people to work with!)

So, without further ado... Thank you to all my faithful customers! I'll be handing out these at the farmer's market in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy them!

PS, while handing them out on Saturday, I had customers say "I'd wear that", so stay tuned...this might turn into a t-shirt!