How to Get our products

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to find our products! For fast results, feel free to call or text me at (832)451-2202 or email me at with your order. I will work with you to find the best option.  Here are several places you can find our products. Preorders are always best if you have a specific request.

  • Preorder & in-town Pick-up: We are at the Imperial Farmer's Market in Sugar Land every Saturday from 9-1 pm.  Contact us by Friday evening to place your order.
    Address: 234 Matladge Way, Sugar Land, TX  (right across from the Post Office)
  • Delivery: Currently, delivery is available every other Thursday in the Rosenberg / Richmond / Sugar Land / West Houston / Katy areas.  If you live in these areas, contact me with your order. If you live outside of these areas, feel free to contact me so we can arrange a date/time! 

  • Farm-To-Table Drop Sites: Several neighborhoods in Richmond have a large farmer drop-off location once a week where you can get everything from eggs, beef, chicken, fresh veggies, shrimp, sauerkraut, or kombucha. Farmers post what's available on Monday and deliver on Thursday. For each of these locations, ask to join the Facebook Group to receive more information.

    • Bonbrook Farm-to-Table (Bonbrook Subdivision on Reading Road)

    • LOMG Farm-to-Table (Lakes of Mission Grove on Hwy 359)

  • On Farm Pick-ups are by appointment only.  Please no drive-ups as we might be working on other parts of the ranch. Thank you so much for your understanding. 


$6.00/dz - Non GMO, Corn & Soy Free

Grass-Fed beef

  • Ground Beef:  $7:00/lb (1lb packages)

  • Stew Meat: $8.00/lb (1lb packages)

  • Brisket: $8.00/lb

  • Short Ribs: $8.00/lb (not BBQ ribs)

  • Skirt Steak: $8.00/lb (limited quantity)

  • Flank Steak: $8.00/lb (limited quantity)

  • Ribeye Cutlets (tenderized): $12.00/lb

  • Roasts: $7.00/lb (Chuck, Shoulder, Rump, Round, TriTip)


  • Round: $8.00/lb

  • Sirloin: $9.00/lb

  • T-Bone: $13.00/lb

  • Rib-eye: $15.00/lb

  • NY Strip: $15.00/lb

  • Tenderloin (filet mignon): $25.00/lb

Soup bones with meat: $6.00/lb

Liver, Heart, & Tongue: $6.00/lb

Oxtail: $6.00/lb

Marrow Bones (bone broth): $12.00 for 3lb bag 


Beef Packages there is a $200 deposit for all quarter, half, and full cow purchases. (subject to availability - contact us to see what's available!) 

Sample Box: $200 (Approx 25lbs to include 10-12lbs ground beef, 2-4 premium steaks, 2 sirloin steak, 2 roasts)

Family Box: $375 (Approx 50lbs to include 20lb ground beef, 3-4 roasts, 4-6 premium steaks, 2-4 sirloin steak, stew meat/meaty soup bones or short ribs)

Quarter Cow: $700 (Approximately 100 lbs to include 30lb ground beef & a combination of ribeye, T-Bones, sirloin, skirt or flank, stew meat, brisket, roasts, short ribs, ground beef, marrow bones, & organ meat)

Half or Whole Cow  Final price depends on the weight of the animal.  Buyers are charged $5/pound for carcass weight (just meat & bones weight) Carcass weight varies by animal, but you get approximately 55% of total weight of the animal. Buyer selects the type of cuts they want (thickness of steaks, amount in ground beef packages, etc) and they have the option to receive the bones & organs. The meat is double wrapped with saran wrap and standard butcher paper. This will keep the beef fresh for 1+ years. Vacuum packaging (good for 2+ years) is available for an up-charge of $0.55/lb. (yield weight).

Assuming a steer weighs 1,000 pounds (550 lbs carcass weight), the total amount of meat you will get is between 400-450 pounds. This will include everything: steaks, roasts, burger, ribs, soup bones, & other parts (liver, heart, kidney, etc), all cut to order.

Additional charges from the butcher: $50 slaughter fee, $10 tenderizer fee (if used)