Want to have great-tasting beef in the freezer all the time? Not sure when you can make it to the farmer’s market next? Always running out of ground beef? Want to spend less money on premium steaks?

The best way to solve all of these is to order one of our beef packages!

Contact Gina (832)451-2202 or via email: gina@ginasacres.com to order!

Sample Box: $225
Approx 25lbs to include 10-12lbs ground beef, 2-4 premium steaks, 2 sirloin steak, 2 roasts

Family Box: $400
Approx 50lbs to include 20lb ground beef, 3-4 roasts, 4-6 premium steaks, 2-4 sirloin steak, stew meat/meaty soup bones or short ribs

Customize the beef to fit your family! ($300 deposit required)

When purchasing a whole or side of beef, you are able to customize the types of steaks, how much ground beef, how it’s packaged, and request any special cuts or parts. Check out this blog post for helpful tips to see if this is for you!

Half or Whole Cow   Buyers are charged $5.75/pound for carcass weight (just meat & bones weight)
Final price depends on the weight of the animal!

Steers will weigh anywhere between 800lbs – 1000lbs. The beef is aged 14-21 days (to increase tenderness) before being cut, double paper wrapped, & frozen. 

Carcass weight varies by animal, but you get approximately 55% of total weight of the animal. Buyer selects the type of cuts they want (thickness of steaks, amount in ground beef packages, etc) and they have the option to receive the bones & organs.

The meat is double wrapped with saran wrap and standard butcher paper. This will keep the beef fresh for 1+ years. Vacuum packaging (good for 2+ years) is available for an up-charge of $0.55/lb. (yield weight).

Cost calculation

Assuming a steer weighs 1,000 pounds (550 lbs carcass weight), the total amount of meat you will get is between 400-450 pounds. This will include everything: steaks, roasts, burger, ribs, soup bones, & other parts (liver, heart, kidney, etc), all cut to order.

Additional charges from the butcher: $50 slaughter fee, $10 tenderizer fee (if used)  

Cost analysis for a 1,000 lbs steer

55% carcass weight = 550 lbs x $5.75 = $3,162.50
Slaughter Cost: $50.00
Tenderize Cost: $10.00
Total Cost: $3,222.50

Amount of cut and wrapped meat: 75% of 550lbs = 412lbs + soup bones

Approximate final cost per pound: $3,222/ 412 = $7.82/lb