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Today's food scene can be confusing and hard to navigate. You're not alone in your quest to find local food that is raised humanely, without all the chemicals and additives you don't want to feed your family.

Gina's Acres can provide your family with healthy beef and eggs!

Gina's Acres strives to bring healthy, local food to the Houston area. We are passionate about continually improving the lives of ourselves, our animals, and our community through the food we eat and the land where we live.

Here at Gina's Acres, we raise our animals in the most natural setting possible, so the food they provide is giving your family the best nutrition. We've learned from personal experience that cutting out the chemicals and learning how to utilize nature's bounty can help heal the body.

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Farm life might be dirty, but the food we produce for your family is clean and the best around!


Step up your cooking skills by using spices and herbs!


I'm your crazy farmer, Gina, and along with my husband, Clifford, dogs Hazel & Blue, and Pippa the cat, we want to bring you nutritious food

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